Prescription medication abuse has become common in recent years. It seems almost to have taken over from the use of illicit drugs, which has been on the decrease. It has become widely recognized that most of the drugs that are used in medical facilit....
Even though Trazodone is effective in treating depression, it may cause negative side-effects if not taken in the right dosage. It is important to consult your doctor to get advice as to the proper dosage. Trazodone can cause swelling on the face, t....
Trazodone addicts should seek help 800-303-2482 in hospitals or rehab centers. Proper medication is given in these facilities, enabling them to break their addiction. The doctors or rehab centers will give you vital information on managing withdrawal....
Trazodone abuse withdrawal is usually difficult. This is because people undergoing the process are likely to suffer from withdrawal pains and side-effects. Trazodone develops physical addiction in new users and makes it hard for them to quit taking i....

Trazodone Abuse 800-303-2482

Trazodone abuse has become a quite significant problem in many parts of the world. It is a prescription medication used in treating disorders such as sleeping problems, eating disorders and cocaine addiction as well as panic attacks or anxiety. Unfortunately, like many prescription drugs, trazodone contains an element of habit forming properties. It may not be very long before a user becomes hooked on the drug.

While its addiction potential is not as high as that of other medications, continued use of trazodone over a prolonged period of time is likely to lead to dependence. This underlines the importance of using the drug only for the medically approved purpose and in the right prescription doses without extending the duration of use.

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